CNN Forced To Admit Immigration Really Is a Problem

The most well-known liberal agenda pusher, CNN, was forced to admit that they made a mistake. CNN Political Director David Chalian was talking about immigration and just how poorly the left understands the problem.

On a recent broadcast of “CNN News Central,” Chalian explained: “There does seem to be a bit of a divide inside the Democratic Party about how to grapple with this immigration issue. But you’re right, it is going to be a front-and-center issue. We normally think of it, I think, in the past, John, like that it’s just an issue for the right-wing echo chamber. But the whole movement that Greg Abbott did and what have you to bring the migrant issue and crisis to cities, to blue states and cities, has changed the calculus here. You see this issue rising in importance for all voters.”

Bringing it front and center for the blue states and cities to see the problem was a bold decision. A decision that made it impossible to ignore the realities of illegal immigration. These virtual signaling leftists thought that by tagging themselves as sanctuary cities, they could “help” the illegals and provide refuge for them. What they didn’t understand was just how vast their resources would need to be to give them that kind of help.

Just like housing and beds for them to sleep on, jobs for them to work, money for them to spend, food for them to eat, and clothing for them to wear can’t just show up out of thin air. That stuff costs money, money the liberal left has not been ready to spend on this situation. By finally being faced with what border cities and states have been FORCED to come up with, they are now seeing the implications of their actions.

With CNN finally admitting that there’s a big (and expensive) problem, perhaps the Biden administration can soon come to the same conclusion.