DeSantis Suddenly Makes a Move To Release the Epstein Case Files

Hunter Crenian /
Hunter Crenian /

After easily passing the FL House earlier in February, the FL Senate passed Senate Bill 234 on February 22 to allow the release of testimony and evidence from the Jeffrey Epstein grand jury trial of 2006. Now, the bill heads to the desk of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Vowing to pass the bill, DeSantis is tired of the delays.

Gov DeSantis said via X, “All files related to Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal activity should be made public. While the federal government continues to stonewall accountability, I’m glad the Legislature has taken action to release the grand jury material from the Florida state case. I will sign the bill into law.”

Coming hot on the heels of a new lawsuit that claims Epstein had a surveillance room in his New York mansion and would spy on guests and victims, this bill could be crucial. Using car service and bugged cell phones, he would dig up information on them, then pay them off to keep them from talking about his activities. While the new lawsuit and the case in FL are unrelated on the surface, releasing the grand jury information could help set the foundation to give that suit more strength.

For years now, Democrats have done everything possible to avoid talking about Epstein or releasing the documents about his island and the people who visited. Hiding behind the allegation that it would only serve to embarrass and identify the victims of his pedophile ring, it is also allowing the hundreds, if not thousands, of assaulters to go free and not face punishment for their immoral crimes.