Gov. Kristi Noem Sends National Guard to Help Build the Wall in Texas ‘Warzone’

mark reinstein /
mark reinstein /

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) continues to make good on her promise to support the efforts to stem Joe Biden’s flood of illegal aliens across the southern border. Noem announced this week that she’s sending 60 South Dakota National Guard troops to Texas this spring. They’ll be on a three-month rotating schedule to help with efforts to build the wall along the border.

“The border is a warzone, so we’re sending soldiers,” said Gov. Noem in a February 20 statement. “These soldiers’ primary mission will be construction of a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants, drug cartels, and human trafficking into the United States of America.”

After Texas Governor Gregg Abbott declared that an invasion of Texas was underway back in September, 27 Republican governors pledged to send troops to the border for assistance. So far, only a handful have actually followed through on that promise.

On the very first day that he took office, Joe Biden rescinded the national emergency that had been declared by America’s real president, Donald J. Trump. Biden revoked the use of Pentagon funds to continue building the wall on the southern border. Then Biden sold unused border wall materials for pennies on the dollar. After going to all that trouble, Joe Biden now claims that it’s Donald Trump’s fault that there is a crisis at the southern border.

Since Gov. Abbott put out the call for help in September, Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb have sent National Guard troops to the border. Along with Gov. Noem, four Republican-led states have sent soldiers to help contain the problem. Everyone is starting to wonder when the other 23 Republican governors are going to follow through.