Poll: Insane Ivy Leaguers Think YOUR Food and Electricity Should Be Rationed

Nejron Photo / shutterstock.com
Nejron Photo / shutterstock.com

A newly released poll shows just how much contempt Ivy Leaguers and elite one-percenters have for ordinary Americans. The survey shows that they believe you have too much freedom. Oh, and your food and electricity should be rationed so that they can save the weather.

The survey was conducted by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, a free-market advocacy group. The results showed that Ivy Leaguers and the ultra-wealthy are wildly out of touch with ordinary Americans.

Among Ivy Leaguers, 55% said that Americans have too much freedom. Only 16% said that the government has too much control over people’s lives. The numbers were the exact opposite among ordinary American voters. 57% said the government has too much control, and only 15% thought that Americans have too much freedom.

An astonishing 89% of elites said they were in favor of rationing gas, meat, and electricity for the “little people” in order to save the weather from carbon. The elites are also very much in favor of banning gas-powered cars, especially Americans’ favorite family vehicle, the SUV. Ivy Leaguers are also in favor of banning everyday people from using airline travel for things like vacations. Just drive your electric car for vacations, peasants!

The Ivy Leaguers who were surveyed are described as people with postgraduate degrees, who live in cities, and who earn more than $150,000 a year. The bad news is that this describes a ton of bureaucrats in Washington, DC, who are running the country right now. They really do hate us.

On every issue that the survey asked about, the opinions of the Ivy Leaguers were the exact opposite of how everyday American voters feel about issues. Rationing food and electricity to prevent some imaginary weather catastrophe a century from now is just about the craziest thing that anyone could believe. And yet… that’s where a majority of the elites are in 2024.