Biden’s Cognitive Collapse: Dem’s Latest Headache They Can’t Hide

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Well, what a spectacle that debate was! Biden stumbled through it like he was wandering through a fog, and if you were left scratching your head, you’re not alone. Ben Rhodes, one of the die-hard Democrats, took to Twitter right after the debate, hinting at how world leaders must view Biden’s performance. Although he carefully avoided saying it outright, the message was clear: Biden looked far worse than Trump.

Biden’s mental state has been a concern for a while now. Just look at his G7 summit appearances a few weeks back. Unlike the American media, which keeps telling us to ignore our own eyes and ears, the foreign press didn’t hold back. It’s baffling how anyone ever believed Biden was fit for the job. The Democrats and their media pals have been lying to us about his mental competency for years, endangering America in the process.

And, of course, it’s no surprise Rhodes would finally hint that Biden’s cognitive abilities are failing. This is the same Rhodes who once boasted about manipulating young, inexperienced reporters to push Obama’s disastrous Iran deal. Remember when Rhodes bragged that these reporters would unthinkingly retweet whatever narrative he fed them? It was scandalous for a minute, but it just confirmed what we all knew: the media will print whatever the Democrats want, no matter how damaging it is to our national security.

In the debate, Trump nailed Biden for his reckless policies, like turning on the money tap to Iran, the world’s top sponsor of terrorism. Thanks to Biden, Iran is funneling money to Hamas and the Houthis, causing chaos in Israel and attacking ships in the Red Sea. Yet, the media shrugged when Obama started sending pallets of cash to Iran and seemed even less bothered when Biden gave Iran access to billions more after they killed American soldiers. The media’s silence is deafening.

After the debate, the narrative was that while Biden appeared frail and incompetent, his character supposedly shined through against Trump, labeled a “serial liar.” But anyone paying attention knows Biden’s no saint. His lies, immoral behavior, and foreign corruption scandals are just as egregious, especially with his scandalous son in the mix.

For those who insist Biden is more honest than Trump, consider this: Biden claimed to be the only president this century with no troops dying anywhere in the world. Yet, just a few months ago, Biden’s State of the Union was interrupted by the frantic father of one of the 13 service members killed during his botched Afghanistan withdrawal. This protest barely made a blip in the media, unlike how they would have hammered any Republican under similar circumstances.

The real problem is more than just Biden’s debate performance or evident cognitive decline. Voters feel betrayed and lied to. The New York Times recently ran with the White House’s spin that misleading videos make Biden look bad, as if the numerous videos of Biden’s verbal stumbles are all doctored. Now, even the Times is calling for Biden to step down. They claim it’s about integrity, but where was this integrity years ago when Biden’s condition first became apparent?

The media’s sudden about-face isn’t about integrity but panic. They’re terrified Biden can’t win re-election. This rare divergence from the Democratic line proves they’re in damage-control mode. If Biden doesn’t withdraw, don’t worry; the media will still back him to the hilt.

Just look at MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, who seamlessly transitioned from Biden’s press secretary to a major news network. She was caught asking Gavin Newsom how to spin the debate to damage Trump. This isn’t journalism; it’s propaganda.

Biden’s cognitive decline and the media’s desperate defense of him highlight a total collapse of journalistic ethics. Trump supporters might enjoy this spectacle, seeing his odds of winning increase. But let’s face it, there’s no good outcome for America.

Democrats have painted Trump and the GOP as threats to democracy. Still, the real danger might be having a mentally unfit president during international crises. If Biden steps down, Kamala Harris, the most unpopular vice president in modern history, steps in. Swapping Biden for another candidate would cause legal and political chaos, making the 2020 election controversies look tame.

This mess didn’t have to happen. If Democrat leaders and the media hadn’t been so power-hungry, they might have a winning candidate. Instead, they’ve sown distrust, empowered enemies, and brought America to the brink of turmoil. And they still refuse to take responsibility.

They’re not upset that Biden is senile; they’re upset they can’t hide it from us anymore.