Hunter Biden: Racing to Clear Taxes, Crawling Away from Gun Trouble

Domenico Fornas /
Hunter Biden is again in the spotlight, not for the right reasons. He’s in a hurry to get his tax evasion hearing over with. He’s asking the judge to expedite his hearing because he’s caught in another mess with his gun trial appeal. Now, let’s break this down, folks. Why is Hunter so eager to […]

Josh Hawley Demands DOJ Crackdown: Who’s Really Behind the Pro-Palestinian Protests

Senator Josh Hawley is shining a spotlight on the shadowy dealings of groups funding pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses. He’s penned a fiery missive to Attorney General Merrick Garland, demanding an investigation into these groups that dare to enjoy tax-exempt status while allegedly supporting what he describes as anti-Semitic activities. In his letter to Attorney […]

Every Major Candidate in the West Virginia GOP Primary Believes 2020 Was Stolen

Victor Moussa /
The mainstream media is aghast at the fact that West Virginia voters have so many great candidates to choose from this year. That’s because every Republican candidate running for Congress or a statewide office is a “2020 election denier.” Voters in the state are notoriously loyal to Donald Trump, and any Republican candidate who believes […]

Canada to Retroactively Arrest Anyone Who Has EVER Posted ‘Hate Speech’ Online /
In a race to see which Western government can become the most totalitarian in the shortest amount of time, Canada has taken the lead. The Trudeau regime has introduced a new “hate speech” bill that is so draconian that you could end up imprisoned—for life—if you posted something hateful on the internet. The rule would […]

Ten Illegal Alien Children Arrested in Shocking Gang Rape of a 14-Year-Old

Skyward Kick Productions /
A small town in Belgium is reeling in shock after a group of ten illegal alien children carried out a coordinated gang rape attack against a local 14-year-old girl. The attack happened in a wooded area near Kortrijk, West Flanders, which is near the French border. On Easter weekend, the girl’s teenage boyfriend lured her […]

Uh, Oh: Jurist in Trump’s Civil Fraud Case Gave Presiding Judge Advice Ahead of the Trial 

lev radin /
As the Democrat’s lawfare strategy against former President Donald Trump continues to crumble around them, whispers of a new scandal are arising, and it could allow Trump’s legal team to call for a mistrial in his civil fraud case.  Justice Arthur Engoron, the judge who ordered Trump to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in […]

College Protests Could Spell Disaster for Biden—Here’s How

rblfmr /
President Biden’s second-term dreams are getting a rough wake-up call courtesy of a little thing called chaos. Biden’s bid for a second term faces a new hurdle with the convergence of two conflicts he can’t directly control: Israel’s clash with Hamas and the deepening discord within the U.S. over its role in the conflict. Despite […]

Trump Takes Aim at Jack Smith, Demands Arrest

lev radin /
Former President Donald Trump is not holding back in his latest attack on special counsel Jack Smith and the ongoing legal battle over classified documents seized from his Mar-a-Lago property. Trump’s argument revolves around a recent revelation by prosecutors that the order of items within a box of evidence did not match digital photographs taken […]

WATCH: What You Need to Know About 2025’s COLA for Social Security

Jeanette Teare /
Brace yourself for what the 2025 COLA will be for Social Security. It’s lower than you might expect… Watch now:

Tired of Woke Movies? Binge These Six Unfiltered Offerings Dubbed the Most Offensive Ever Made 

Kaspars Grinvalds /
Not so long ago, there was a time when movies and TV shows were created to entertain and enthrall audiences. TV shows like Family Guy, South Park, and Seinfeld were equal-opportunity bashers – no one was safe. Audiences laughed and cried, but they never claimed to be offended.   In a world where even Dr. Suess […]

Teen Girls Banned from Track & Field for Protesting Transgender Athlete

Real Sports Photos /
The Attorney General of West Virginia is vowing to take a case to the Supreme Court after five young middle school girls were banned from all future track & field events last month. What did the girls do to warrant the ban? They stood together and refused to compete against a biological boy. West Virginia […]

Biden Has Had to be ‘Officially’ Corrected by the White House 148 Times This Year

Paul Froggatt /
Joe Biden has become such an incomprehensible dementia potato that it’s now a full-time job for White House staffers to correct the transcripts of his public statements. According to an audit by the Daily Caller, White House staffers have had to ‘officially’ correct Joe Biden’s statements every time he has spoken in public this year. […]

“Catch and Kill,” The Perfectly Legal Practice Bragg is Highlighting in the Trump Trial

lev radin /
Americans following the trial of former President Donald Trump’s “Hush Money” case are finding themselves confused by many confusing terms, from NDA to “hush money” and “catch and kill” journalism. The source of the confusion is that most Americans realize that none of these tactics are inherently illegal. “Catch and kill,” also called “checkbook journalism,” […]

With Crime Rising, Is it Time to Move Out of Major Cities?

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Crime is up in many major cities, so it’s important to decide – do you fight to make the city better or move to the country? Share your thoughts now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Federal Authorities Warn: Tesla’s Autopilot Might Just Drive You to the Afterlife!

mpohodzhay /
The recent findings from the Department of Transportation regarding Tesla’s Autopilot system are raising serious concerns about driver and vehicle safety. According to reports, this system has been linked to 467 vehicle crashes, 14 of which were fatal, and numerous others causing severe injuries. This data highlights what federal authorities call a “critical safety gap” […]