Democrats Refuse to Abandon Joe Biden – What are They Hiding?

Melnikov Dmitriy /

About ninety seconds into last week’s highly anticipated debate, it became glaringly apparent to the woke-and-broken news media mavens that their champion, “Joe Biden,” wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire at the podium. CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash looked like they were witnessing a ritual sacrifice. Afterward, the CNN post-debate panel appeared genuinely shocked that months of maintaining a facade had skidded to such a disgraceful end.

Which raises a whole truckload of questions, starting with: why did the Democratic Party and its media handmaidens persist month after month in pretending that “Joe Biden” was a viable candidate for another four-year term? Last night, he didn’t even seem capable of finishing the current term. Why did they so eagerly usher him into the nomination? And what are they going to do now? What were their motives for all that pretending?

“Joe Biden” interacts with numerous astute officials daily. Did they all fail to notice his incapacity? Or has the whole thing been a sham and a lie from the get-go? Was this the latest in a long string of hoaxes perpetrated by the Party of Hoaxes against the nation since 2015?

To answer the question of motives, it’s pretty obvious: the news networks have worked tirelessly (and with stunning dishonor) to hide their collusion with the government in gaslighting the public. More specifically, they’ve concealed the appalling truth that the CIA, DARPA, and their many intelligence subsidiaries conducted a silent coup over the USA, running the country’s affairs disastrously behind the “Joe Biden” facade—a coup that began well before Mr. Trump’s 2016 inauguration. You know it, and they know that you know it.

More acutely, now that “Joe Biden” has been revealed as a hoax president, legions of public officials appear liable to criminal charges of the most serious degree: sedition, treason, mass murder, fraud, misconduct, and in the case of the president himself, influence peddling and bribery. They must be desperate to avoid accountability, losing their fortunes to legal fees and facing prison (or worse). For instance, just this week, it was revealed that then-CIA Director in 2020, Gina Haspel, knew about and participated in the infamous operation using 51 former Intel officers to cover up the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop days before the election.

They knew the laptop was real. Their colleagues at the FBI knew it was real. They knew it contained deal memos, legal memoranda, and emails outlining a long-running bribery operation among Biden family members and their lawyers. They knew it in 2019 when the Democratic Party moved to impeach Mr. Trump for inquiring about the Biden family’s money-grubbing activities in Ukraine—where, by the way, we may have fomented the war with Russia in part to cover up the culpability of all involved, including especially the State Department and their embassy staff in Kyiv.

The FBI and DOJ also withheld the laptop from Mr. Trump’s defense lawyers during the 2020 impeachment despite its massive exculpatory evidence explaining why he made that fateful phone call to the newly elected Zelensky.

It’s clear that the ruling establishment now has to get rid of “Joe Biden.” The problem is they must induce him to renounce the nomination willingly. The party’s nominating process is so complex that it would be very difficult to just shove him out. Another problem is that the party had to declare Biden their legal nominee before the August convention to keep him on the ballot in Ohio with its 17 electoral votes (due to some arcane state election laws).

Given the debate fiasco, serious questions arise about whether “Joe Biden” is competent even to serve out this term. He (or the shadowy figures behind him) is making profoundly hazardous decisions, such as last week’s missile attack that killed and wounded civilians on the beach in Crimea. Are you seeing how easily “Joe Biden” might start World War Three?

Pressure will soon rise to use the 25th Amendment to relieve him of duty, leaving you-know-who in the Oval Office. Oh, wait, that has already been mentioned by GOP Rep Chip Roy.

If Joe Biden has to resign, he also loses the ability to pardon his son, Hunter, and his other family members who shared bribery money received from China, Ukraine, and elsewhere.

Who knows what might happen to old Joe if he won’t resign and the party can’t force him off the ticket? Maybe they could cobble together some new nominating rules on the fly. And then, who could they slot in from the bench? Ted Cruz believes it to be Michelle Obama, but who knows because there is Gavin Newsom, who is making the state of California poorer every day. Of course, there is also Hillary Clinton, which would be yet another rematch against Trump.