Shocking Report: Justice Department Treats Moms for Liberty Like the KKK

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Brace yourselves: the Justice Department (DOJ) has decided to investigate the conservative parental rights group Moms for Liberty with the same vigor they reserve for the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), according to a recent news report.

In a move that screams “overkill,” the DOJ’s Community Relations Service lumped Moms for Liberty in with charming symbols like a noose, the Confederate flag, and a swastika. Apparently, this is on par with how they monitor the KKK and the Oath Keepers.

The Community Relations Service insists its role is preventing and responding to community tensions and hate crimes, bias, bullying, and discrimination. And what better way for the DOJ to keep tabs on Moms for Liberty than by setting up NexisLexis and Google alerts? Big Brother, anyone?

The internal emails showed the DOJ’s annoying persistence in trying to impose their “help” on local officials, using their email accounts to harass them into compliance. Case in point: DOJ-CRS “Conciliation Specialist” Hannah Levine bombarded school board officials in Roanoke County with offers of assistance.

Levine expressed awareness of community tensions in Roanoke County after the release of new model policies for transgender students. In an email reported in August, she sounded desperate as she offered to connect and provide support and services to help manage the related conflicts within the community.

Shockingly, the DOJ has remained tight-lipped about why they’re snooping around Moms for Liberty or if the group has done anything remotely resembling a hate crime.

Tiffany Justice, a co-founder of Moms for Liberty, said that they do not believe that standing up for parents’ rights and children’s well-being is an act of hate. She asked the Department of Justice to explain its position, saying that the national government should never interfere with parents’ right to participate in the democratic process.

Well said, Tiffany. Clearly, nothing screams “threat” like parents wanting a say in their children’s education.