Swiss Cops Chop Down Axe-Wielding Maniac

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February 8th brought a rare situation just outside of Yverdon, Switzerland. A 32-year-old man on a “refugee” status from Iran took 15 passengers, including the conductor, hostage in the carriage of a train. Allegedly armed with a pickaxe and knife, over 60 officers responded to the scene, including a SWAT-style unit from Geneva.

According to reports, the officers attempted to negotiate in English and Farsi with the man before deploying their version of stun grenades. Having little to no effect on the assailant, officers stormed the crowd as it became apparent, he was getting in position to attack his hostages. With one fell swoop, officers stormed the car and drew his attention. Nearly immediately, they opened fire on the Iranian.

Hostages were able to escape unharmed, but Swiss authorities arranged for psychological treatment for all the hostages and their families. While officials have so far been unable to discover the motive behind the attack, reports from a hostage said he appeared “very stressed.” A statement like that may sound obvious, but as history has shown us, people who are planning such events are methodical in their attacks. This man was impulsive and unhinged.

The man was assigned to an asylum seeker center in Neuchatel; any details about the hostage taker have been minimal and inconclusive at best. While attacks like these have occurred across Europe in the past, they have been surging since COVID. With nations suddenly more desperate than ever to let their lowest of the low and their mentally ill out into other countries, civilized and successful nations like Switzerland and the US are being overrun.