Total Cringe: Biden Delivers Fried Chicken to Shore up the Black Vote (This Actually Happened)

Darryl Brooks /
Darryl Brooks /

Joe Biden once said that if you don’t vote for him, “You ain’t black.” More recently, Jill Biden compared Hispanics to breakfast tacos. Just when you thought that the Bidens couldn’t possibly get any more racially cringe-worthy, this happens. Someone at the Biden campaign decided it would be a good idea for Joe Biden to buy lunch and eat with a black family in their home to shore up the black vote before the South Carolina primary.

He brought them FRIED CHICKEN!

This actually happened! How does any minority person turn out to vote for the Democrats when they are this tone-deaf and racist at all times? This is the cringiest thing we’ve seen in ages, and Joe Biden seems to continually do this without consequence. Can you imagine the media firestorm if President Trump ever delivered fried chicken to a black family? The FBI might arrest him for a hate crime.

What is wrong with the Biden campaign? Did they hire a bunch of the staffers who got laid off from the failed DeSantis campaign? Those people decided it would be a good idea to light strippers’ butt cheeks on fire before courting the evangelical vote. Could it be that the Biden campaign hired the DeSantis retreads?

You know, there had to be a ring of six-figure consultants sitting around a table to come up with an idea this bad. The only thing that could have made this even worse would have been if Biden had picked up a nice, fresh watermelon to go with the fried chicken. Maybe his dementia helped the campaign dodge a bullet there.

Joe Biden has ignored black families for three years straight while financially devastating them with policy-induced hyperinflation. But here he comes with some fried chicken, and he’s all like, “Hello, fellow colored people! Please vote for me!”

Check out this cringe-fest: