Now, California Restaurants Face Vegan Protesters

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Vegans take their food options seriously. And while many restaurants have both vegan and animal-based products, vegans apparently didn’t want to offer meat eaters the same variety recently when an LA restaurant made some menu changes.

Mollie Engelhart, the owner of Sage Regenerative Kitchen & Brewery, spoke exclusively to Fox News Digital about how her establishment was taken over by angry vegans on Sunday due to changes made to the menu last month when non-vegan options such as beef, bison, cheese, and eggs were introduced. The eatery previously operated under the name Sage Plant-Based Bistro before rebranding itself following the introduction of animal-derived ingredients.

According to Ms. Engelhart, law enforcement failed to respond promptly despite multiple calls reporting disturbances caused by the protesting crowd; instead taking nearly three hours to arrive while patrons fled amidst harassment directed towards both clients and workers within the premises. As a result, operations ceased early on Father’s Day.

She emphasized the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs operating in southern California, where rising criminal activity hampers entrepreneurial endeavors.

Prior to introducing animal-sourced items onto the menu via social media announcements around late May, Sage primarily catered to plant-based diet adherents.

In April, through an Earth Day-themed post shared across platforms, including Instagram, management detailed plans shifting attention toward food produced utilizing environmentally conscious practices known collectively as regenerative agriculture – focusing upon maintaining healthy soils alongside preserving ecological diversity per guidelines set forth by organizations dedicated to sustainable cultivation techniques.

Engelhart felt that the vegan protesters need to spend their time more effectively. “There are more pressing issues than my restaurant. This is all very disappointing. We are a small family business trying to make it. California is the hardest place to do business.”

Unfortunately, protesting seems to be the way that many have their voices heard. And if it means that a business closes because of their actions, so be it.