Supreme Court Confirms It Is Legally Possible to Deport Illegal Aliens

Sergii Figurnyi /
Sergii Figurnyi /

In a ruling that might come as a shock to many Americans, the US Supreme Court has determined that our nation’s immigration laws, which were duly passed by Congress and signed into law by past presidents, are still in effect. It is, in fact, possible for the US government to deport illegal aliens. You wouldn’t realize it by looking at the Third World dump that Joe Biden has turned our country into, but it’s true!

Three illegal aliens had the nerve to try to sue the US government to avoid their deportation orders from a court. The three men argued that they weren’t given sufficient notice about their deportation hearings and, therefore, thought they should be allowed to stay in America forever. Such humble foreigners!

The three men were sent notices that detailed the times and places when their individual deportation proceedings were going to take place. All three men failed to show up for their deportation hearings. When the judges ruled against them, they sued.

For reasons that will be inexplicable to most people, the lower courts could not decide this tricky legal question. Can an illegal alien who broke our laws to come here be deported just because they failed to show up to their deportation hearings? Such a mystery!

Fortunately, the Supreme Court has settled that question once and for all. In a 5-4 decision in which Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with the liberals, the high court ruled that it’s still permissible to deport illegal aliens. There’s no such thing as “prosecutorial discretion” to avoid enforcing US immigration laws, even though Joe Biden will keep doing that to the bitter end.

In the meantime, you might want to spread the word to any illegal alien that you run into. The American people are going to reelect Donald Trump in a landslide this November. Then it will be time for all illegal aliens to—as the kids say—GTFO.