Weather Throws Biden’s Gaza Pier a 3rd Curveball, Military Steps In

Hazem Swidan /
Hazem Swidan /

The Biden administration’s latest attempt to play humanitarian hero in Gaza has flopped. U.S. forces have had to haul away their $230 million pier for the third time since May, blaming it on bad weather. Seriously, folks, can’t they check the forecast before dropping a quarter-billion dollars into the Mediterranean?

Originally touted as a lifeline for Palestinians caught in the crossfire, this pier has become a costly comedy of errors. Designed to handle aid shipments, the only thing it’s reliably shipping out is taxpayer money. After multiple breakdowns, including one just weeks after it went live, they might reconsider the design. But no, let’s keep throwing money at it and hope for the best, right?

The latest excuse? High seas could threaten the structure. No one thought about the Mediterranean occasionally being moody. It’s like buying a car without checking if it runs on water!

According to U.S. Central Command, over 8,831 metric tons of aid have supposedly made it through this maritime debacle. But hold your applause, folks—it’s been more like a series of embarrassing retreats than a humanitarian triumph. The United Nations even hit the pause button on deliveries due to safety concerns. That’s right, folks, the UN decided it was safer to hit “stop” on this pier project than to keep rolling the dice with people’s lives.

Now, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Inspector General Offices are sniffing around, trying to figure out where all that money went. Shouldn’t they have asked those questions before they started dumping millions into what seems like a glorified Lego project?

And get this—President Biden barely gave the Pentagon a heads-up before announcing this pier plan in March. Talk about a surprise expense! It’s like finding out your kid volunteered you to host a school dance without asking if you have a dance floor.

This pier was supposed to handle Mediterranean weather like a champ, but it’s struggling to keep up with what experts call a “sea state three.” Meanwhile, the Med prefers to hang out at a “sea state four.” They should have consulted the ocean before trying to outsmart it.

When Uncle Sam tries to play humanitarian hero, it usually ends up being comedy hour at taxpayer expense. Let’s hope they figure out how to fix this mess before they drop another boatload of cash into the Mediterranean sinkhole.