Cartels Are Now Using IEDs and Landmines Near TX Border

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For some time now, the cartels in Mexico have been well beyond conventional gunfights and hangings. Terrorist tactics like beheadings, car bombs, and other acts of horror have infiltrated their bag of tools while cartel organizations wage war against one another.

Throughout the past week, Tamaulipas State Police officers discovered land mines and IEDs being put in place along dirt roads in the northern part of the state. These are heavily traveled roads as they connect the Tamaulipas cities of Rio Bravo, San Fernando, and Valle Hermoso; the roads are being battled for by two factions of the Gulf Cartel. Calling themselves Los Metros and Los Escorpiones, the two factions have been battling for some time.

Officials familiar with the case told Breitbart Texas that when they were first discovered authorities were told not to touch them. Not wanting to make waves with the cartels, they initially listened to the advice they were given. Over the next few days, though, the State Police started disabling them. Unfortunately for them, it appears as if dozens more now dot the roads in the region.

Much like the insurgent groups they drew their inspiration from, the devices are triggered in various ways, including by remote from short distances away. Cartel Jalisco New Generation and Carteles Unidos have been behind a huge surge in weapons manufacturing in covert factories inside Jalisco and Michoacan. Meanwhile, the Mexican government has been claiming that the violence is down exponentially and decries the country as a safe place to be.

Truth be told, the cartels are attacking various locals across Mexico. Even the resorts and tourist attractions the cartels largely avoided are now rife with drug trafficking and human smuggling. The violence that comes with these activities came right along as well. Authorities refuse to fix the situation, given the level of corruption and poverty that thrive in the country.

As the insurgent-style violence closes in on the US border, it’s only a matter of time until they try and bring it to the US in full force. Hopefully, by the time they do, we have leadership in position to have a real response to this aggression.