Latest Cell Network Failure Proves You Need To Get a Sat-Comms Device

Sasin Paraksa /
Sasin Paraksa /

The mid-February cellular service interruption faced by AT&T sent many Americans into a panic as their devices suddenly became useless without Wi-Fi. As ripples reached T-Mobile and Verizon customers and third-party companies, the pop of wondering what they would do in an emergency with no cellular service was a growing concern. For those needing 911, they found no help. As cellular networks and their GPS are integrated into the network, a crash can make the entire network go out, even if you had service.

As the threats from China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia grow exponentially every day, people are wondering what they can do to hedge their bets against a cell phone network crash. The standard answers of a landline or a short-wave radio don’t answer the problem head-on, especially if you need to be on the move.

Enter the satellite phone.

Using multiple redundant satellites that stay in orbit thousands of feet above the ground, they are far above most electromagnetic pulse (EMP) risks. Minus the exception of an EMP satellite, something that is just theory at the time. With many coming with SMS message capabilities, these devices can allow you to send a quick text, make an emergent phone call, or simply activate a “find my position” beacon to get the word out you need help in an emergency.

Not relying on towers, these devices simply need a relatively unobstructed line of sight shot to a satellite, and they can get a signal. Nearly unhackable, these devices lack the constant connection a hacker would need to eliminate your communications equipment, and they come as basic or stripped down as you want them.

If you’ve learned nothing else in these four years of Biden being in office, you should have picked up that he does not care about Americans. He will gladly sell each and every one of us out for a hotdog and a handshake. Get the sat phone and have it in your bugout bag. It might be pricey, but it’s worth its weight in gold when shit hits the fan.