Arizona GOP Advances Bill That Would Allow Americans to Shoot Trespassing Illegal Aliens

You Touch Pix of EuToch /
You Touch Pix of EuToch /

Republicans in the Arizona state legislature have advanced a bill that would finally allow residents to shoot illegal aliens for trespassing. It’s about time! If it became law, the bill would extend the “Castle Doctrine” from the interior of an Arizona resident’s home to include all of their property.

The legislation stems from a gunfight that took place between 75-year-old rancher George Alan Kelly and a drug cartel assassin on his property last year. A group of cartel members was trespassing on Kelly’s 170-acre ranch. When they brandished rifles in his direction, Kelly allegedly shot back and killed one of them.

When Kelly went to call the police to report the invaders, the other cartel members picked up their dead friend’s guns and fled the area. It looked as if Kelly had murdered a poor, innocent, unarmed rocket scientist who was just trying to find a better life in America (illegally), so a goody-two-shoes liberal prosecutor charged Kelly with murder. Kelly’s trial begins in March.

Extending the Castle Doctrine to include all of a person’s property makes perfect logical sense. If you are allowed to use deadly force against an intruder trespassing inside your home, then why shouldn’t you be able to shoot someone trespassing on your land if you feel threatened by them?

Rep. Justin Heap (R) says the bill is aimed at closing this loophole. Dangerous illegal alien criminals trespassing on private property is a huge problem along the border in Arizona. The illegals constantly traipse through ranchers’ property, dumping trash everywhere, pooping on their lawns, eating the livestock, and stealing anything that’s not nailed down.

The only downside to this is that the unelected Democrat governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs, is likely to veto the legislation if it reaches her desk.