Leftist-Run Hawaii Still Has Wildfire Survivors Living in Tents

iofoto / shutterstock.com
iofoto / shutterstock.com

Eight months have passed since the freak wildfire that torched Maui. The same fire that claimed over 100 lives in the process and left many homeless and forced to camp in tents as they awaited relief from their Democrat-led state leadership. According to a new piece from the Daily Mail, these residents are still waiting.

“Most of the tent owners lost everything they owned in the blaze. And have ended up living on the beach after being kicked out of the temporary hotel housing they were given in the immediate aftermath of the fire. The three-mile stretch of road between Kāʻanapali and Lahaina is dotted with encampments, including one at Hanakao’o Park and several at Wahikuli Wayside Park.”

Speaking with 64-year-old Kailani Koa, Daily Mail learned of her attempts to get the local Mayor or the Governor to come to see the reality of sleeping in a parking lot. Neither office showed up or even acknowledged her situation. Complicating things are local landlords who want to stick with Airbnb rental listings instead of having long-term tenants while they rebuild. One local claimed the federal government offered them triple the rate, and they declined as they preferred the surge pricing.

No relief, as well as no help from the state or federal government, tells the people of Maui how little their well-being means to their officials. They have had months to fix their mistakes. Especially as their elected officials refused to force the release of water to allow residents to soak the land to prevent the fire in the first place. Considering they knew something was wrong and then failed to listen to the residents, their level of culpability is high.

However, no amount of finger-pointing is helping. It’s time for Hawaiians to vote in some conservative leadership. This is clear proof of the dangerous “me first” mindset that Democrats bring to the office.