Trans Women: Turns Out Cutting It Off Makes Men MORE Suicidal

ADragan /
ADragan /

A new study in the American Urological Association’s peer-reviewed Journal of Urology proves that gender-affirming surgery for men makes them more suicidal than if they had just left well enough alone. Using data on 869 men who received a vaginoplasty and 357 women who received a phalloplasty in California from 2012 to 2018, they uncovered data that would make a liberal’s head spin.

“The overall rates of suicide attempts doubled after vaginoplasty,” the study found. While admitting, “[r]ates of psychiatric emergencies are high both before and after gender-affirming surgery,” doubling after is a horrible result for people already having problems. According to the study, 22.2% of vaginoplasty patients and 20.7% of phalloplasty recipients have at least one ER or in-patient psychiatric encounter during the research period.

Pointing out the painfully obvious, researchers said that overall, men were taking the change far worse and more deadly. “Although the overall proportion of those experiencing a psychiatric encounter was similar between the vaginoplasty and phalloplasty groups, suicide attempts were more common in the vaginoplasty group.” For those who had previously had an ER or in-patient psychiatric encounter, 33.9% of the vaginoplasty group had at least one more after surgery, with 26.5% when getting a phalloplasty.

Getting a vaginoplasty made men more than twice as likely as suicidal as those who don’t, with phalloplasty maintaining pace with the normal population. This kind of evidence cannot be ignored, yet people refuse to see the truth in the situation. Instead, the liberals have poisoned the American populace to think we need to not only accept transgenders but that it’s safe for us to play along with their illusions.

Just like the people who think they can play around with combat sports or the special cases who treat firearms like toys, they are playing a dangerous game. Cutting it off is not only a horrific decision, but it doesn’t make them happy in the long run. This small study ignores the cases outside CA. Given the number of people who travel to Thailand or Mexico for the procedure, the risks are even higher in non-designer surgeries.