Apple Sets Itself Up for Failure With VR Headsets

Ringo Chiu /
Ringo Chiu /

With Apple’s first venture into Virtual Reality (VR) with the Apple Vision Pro headset, they failed to look to history for tips to ensure the device would be successful.

As first reported by 404 Media and covered on various Redditt forums, frequent watchers of adult content were thrilled at the idea of Apple perfecting VR porn. Disappointedly, they opened their boxes only to discover it was glitchy, and only really worked in a “flat” screen mode that is un-immersive. Instead of wrapping the user in 3D views as promised, users found out that the device fell short.

The night before the release, users were lamenting about the new device; they expected WebXR, which most XXX VR content is shot in, to work with Apple’s Safari browser properly. However, as Apple has historically taken steps to avoid adult content, they have left users needing to use Apple’s USDZ 3D modeling to convert clips, and so far, it’s leaving users less than thrilled.

Ever since the VCR/Betamax debacle back in the 1980s, developers learned that porn was a major driver in people choosing devices for their home viewing entertainment needs. With Betamax refusing to allow adult content to be sold on their format, sales of Betamax dropped like a rock. Even though many considered the audio and picture to be far superior to VHS.

Then, in the early 2000s, the PlayStation3 vs Xbox 360 debate raged. Along with that came the BlueRay vs HD DVD battle. As Sony was behind the BluRay, naturally, the PS3 kept that format, and Bill Gates stuck by HD DVD. When the makers behind HD DVD also refused to allow porn to be produced on their format, the Xbox 360 suddenly started falling off as PS3 sales skyrocketed.

Just as it usually does, history is now repeating itself for Apple, and their Vision Pro is likely already heading for an early demise unless they change course and start making XXX truly immersive.

Some have even gone as far as calling the new device a “chastity belt.”