Epstein’s Brother Essentially Proves He Was Murdered

PsychoBeard / shutterstock.com
PsychoBeard / shutterstock.com

Despite being one of the most notorious pedophiles to ever walk the earth, Jeffrey Epstein still had family who loved him. His brother Mark is one of those people. While talking with Megyn Kelly on February 9th, he explained that he initially accepted it as suicide. Yet, when the autopsy gave him the details of his death, things failed to make sense. Especially after Mark retained famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden to witness the autopsy and instead ruled it as a “homicidal strangulation.”

According to the government autopsy, he was suspended from the bunk above, with his butt just 1” off the floor and his legs stretched out in front of him. However, if that were true, blood would have pooled in his dead body. This would have left significant pooling in the back of his legs, especially in his butt.

Mark added, “But the autopsy photos show … that his legs were clear, and his buttocks were clear; there is some lividity on his back. The fact that his legs are clear even if they laid him down, the blood would not have drained up from his legs into his back unless he was hung upside down. The fact that his legs and buttocks are clear from lividity, it leads doubt to the fact he was found the way they described.”

Showing Kelly the autopsy photos, it’s clear to see the strangulation line is thin like a bootlace, a coated steel cable, or maybe even a bass guitar string. Certainly not the wider marks as one would expect with a prison bedsheet; something he shouldn’t have had on suicide watch anyway. As Mark explained, even old lynching photos showcase that the angle of strangulation is usually vastly higher, whereas this is flatter, like someone pulling back on him.

According to Mark, the Justice Department has refused to speak to him, and major media outlets are unwilling to tell his story.