Fani Willis Cries Racism While Dodging Her Own Scandals

Andrii Spy_k /
Andrii Spy_k /

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis can’t stop playing the race card. On Monday, during her re-election campaign on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Willis once again accused her critics of being racially motivated. This is becoming her go-to move; frankly, it’s getting old.

During the show, Maddow referenced an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution written by three Democratic lawmakers. These lawmakers claimed that holding Willis accountable for alleged misconduct was just an effort to “tarnish Willis’ reputation” and “distract from the substantive facts of the case.” They even called the allegations against her “dubious,” despite Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee acknowledging her “bad choices” and “tremendous lapse in judgment.”

Maddow asked Willis if she saw herself as a noble victim. Of course, Willis agreed, accusing Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of attacking her office without legitimate purpose, simply to interfere in a criminal investigation.

Republican lawmakers, including Jordan and Rep. Barry Loudermilk, have launched a legitimate inquiry into Willis’ alleged collusion with the Jan. 6 Committee. Yet Willis continues to dismiss these efforts as illegitimate. She even admitted to dragging her feet on subpoenas from the U.S. House Judiciary Committee regarding her office’s use of federal funds, prompting Jordan to threaten her with contempt of Congress.

Willis insists that these inquiries are illegitimate and disgusting. But let’s be clear: democratically elected state senators approved the Georgia Senate Special Committee investigating Willis. It’s a legitimate body doing its job, regardless of Willis’ claims.

Willis has repeatedly implied that criticism of her is racially motivated. She told Maddow that Georgia never had a prosecutorial oversight committee until 14 minority district attorneys were elected. Now, she claims, there’s a need for oversight because certain people don’t trust minority D.A.s to do their jobs.

This isn’t the first time Willis has projected racism where there is none. Earlier this year, she accused Steve Sadow, Trump’s lead lawyer in Georgia, of disrespecting her team because of their race. Sadow rightfully called these comments “offensive, uncalled for, and untrue.”

Willis has even taken her race-baiting to the pulpit. In a speech at Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, she claimed her critics called her the N-word more than her name and that her character was under attack because of her race. She also accused those criticizing her decision to appoint her lover as a special prosecutor in the Trump case of playing the race card.

It’s time for Willis to face the music. Accusations of racism won’t hide her misconduct forever. Accountability isn’t racism; her critics are not the problem—her actions are. Enough with the race card. It’s time for Fani Willis to own up to her mistakes and face the consequences like any other public official.