Feds Try to Use Penalty Designed for Terrorists to Destroy GOP Icon’s Son

monticello / shutterstock.com
monticello / shutterstock.com

As you know, it’s been three years since the 2021 January 6 Capitol incursion. Yet, investigations are ongoing, and sentencing is being meted out every week. Naturally, those known to be on the political right are getting the worst of it.

Take Leo Brent Bozell IV, the 44-year-old son of Brent Bozell III, a well-known conservative media personality, founder of the Media Research Center, and avid Trump supporter, for example.

Bozell IV was, in fact, involved in the actions that took place at the Capitol building that day. He even made it to then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office.

But, according to the kangaroo court of Biden’s Justice Department, he’s not just a protester. He’s a terrorist, or at least that’s what they attempted to sentence him to.

Earlier this month, DOJ prosecutors cited a terrorism sentencing enhancement for Bozell’s case that would seek to have him imprisoned for up to 140 months or 12 years.

Of course, he wasn’t convicted of terrorism. Instead, a non-jury trial last year found him guilty of obstruction, destruction of government property, civil disorder, assaulting an officer, and several other misdemeanors.

What he actually did was breach temporary barriers, push through a police line with others, smash a couple of windows, and go inside.

But since this is an investigation into January 6, an event the liberal left has categorized as near domestic terrorism, and because Bozell IV is the son of such a well-known conservative, they might as well throw the book at him.

Luckily for him, Judge John Bates didn’t necessarily agree. As the New York Times Reported, Bates wrote that the recommended sentencing was “untethered to the circumstances of this case.” He continued, saying he could see why prosecutors could technically sentence him so harshly but didn’t agree that his altogether menial stunts deserved the label of a domestic terrorist.

So, he received 45 months of prison time and a fine of $4,729 for damages.

That’s a little better. But I’m not sure it’s still appropriate, at least when you consider the actions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters who damaged so much in the summer riots of 2020.

As Bozell III noted, “dozens of officers” were actually injured, “dozens of people died,” whole city blocks were set on fire, including police stations and government buildings. Damages were estimated at over $1.2 billion.

Yet, most got off scot-free.

Meanwhile, known conservatives who did much less get so much more…