Special Counsel Admits Biden Doesn’t Remember When He Was VP or When His Son Died

YASAMIN JAFARI TEHRANI / shutterstock.com
YASAMIN JAFARI TEHRANI / shutterstock.com

By now, we all know that Joe Biden is no longer in his right mind. And that’s exactly the reason being used by Special Counsel Robert Hur, the man charged with investigating Biden’s handling of classified documents.

As you likely recall, it was discovered that Biden had taken “classified documents” from the White House and had them in his possession and in a place where his drug-addict son could access them. This, of course, was shortly after Donald Trump had been charged with doing the same.

Since then, both men have been under investigation for possibly putting the nation’s security at risk by having those documents.

However, Hur has just found a very good reason that Biden should not be tried or convicted for his alleged crimes: he is mentally unwell.

According to Hur’s report, Biden has an increasingly difficult time remembering even the most memorable of events, you know, like when his son Beau died or when he was Vice President. For the former, he could not even remember, within several years, when Beau died of cancer. When it came to the latter, he once said his term as VP began in 2009 and then asked, “Am I still Vice President?”

Now, for those of you who have noticed his mental decline over the last decade or so, this shouldn’t be a shock.

It also shouldn’t be a shock that the powers that be (clearly not Biden) give this as a reason to believe he shouldn’t be tried. After all, what jury in their right mind would convict an 81-year-old who is clearly senile of prison-worthy crimes? They would rather just pity him.

So, per Hur’s report, Biden is unfit to be tried by a jury.

And yet, we are supposed to believe that he’s still fit to run the country?

I think not…