MA Government Pays More To Feed Illegals Than It Costs To Feed Soldiers - Yuri A / - Yuri A /

Offering to take in the illegals through their 1983 sanctuary city law, the state of Massachusetts also agreed to feed the people they take in as well. While the rule said they should be provided refrigerators and a way to prepare their food, the state is choosing to give them already-prepared meals.

These premade meals are running the state a pretty penny. According to WBZ-TV, they pay $16 for each breakfast, $17 for lunch, and $31 for dinners. At $64 a day, this dwarfs the money being spent to feed a soldier.

Per the Defense Travel Agency, troops get $4.35 a meal for breakfast, $7.00 for lunch, and $6.05 for dinner, totaling $17.40 per troop per day. Even the inflated “meal voucher” rates for eating in town are $11 for breakfast, $12 for lunch, and $23 for dinner, for a total of $46 per day on the local economy.

Coming at such astronomical costs, the state has also been booting out legitimate need MA families, so these illegals have someplace to call home. Providing these illegals with more and better services than they were giving their taxpaying residents is shameful. What’s worse is that the Democrats have been hiding the true costs of these programs, according to Republicans in the state legislature.

As Republican State Sen. Peter Durant pointed out, “That’s the concern is the money has to come from somewhere and, so, there’s only really two options. You either raise taxes or you cut services. So, this, all of this kind of flows downhill right straight to the taxpayers.”